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Service Management

Are we the first company that
implements ITIL for
the people doing the job ?

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Project Management

Are you aware that operations
is one of your customers ?

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Want to work for
the largest companies,
without feeling like a number ?

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Probitis integrates Projects and Services.

Probitis is a young, growing and dynamic IT company, created by experienced architects, project and service managers. Through our integrated project and service management model, we decrease the gap between project management and service management, on different layers. We do this by means of developing a common goverance model, by integrating the change management processes, by streamlining operational documentation, through monitoring strategy, ...

  • Because we believe that process has to be build in the day to day work of your organisation, rather than a layer on top of, to feed information to management. Probitis implements processes methodology based on effectiveness rather than efficiency.

  • Probitis believes that a process cannot be efficient without looking at the technology.
Key Solutions

Outsource your Operational Documentation
Increasing the quality and consistency of your operational documentation will increase your operational efficiency.

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Optimize your Technology Purchases
Buying technology is a real challenge. With the current technology changing so fast, it is a matter asking the right questions to market, writing requests for proposals, align them with your strategy, and ensuring you are in the best possible negotiation position.

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Fast, neutral advice and coaching to jumpstart the projects you want to manage internally.

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