Service Management

Are we the first company that
implements ITIL for
the people doing the job ?

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Project Management

Are you aware that operations
is one of your customers ?

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Want to work for
the largest companies,
without feeling like a number ?

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Dear Visitor,

I have been active in ICT for 20 years, and for the last 15 year, I was active as a consultant in various domains and companies.

Without exception every company I('ve) worked for, there was a difficult relationship between the project- and service organisation. I am convinced that this is related to a strong conflict of interest between both parts of the organisation. While the project focuses on time to market, the service organisation is interested in processing large volumes. I cannot solve this intrinsic conflict of interest, but I can at least try to make it more manageable.

That's why I created Probitis.

Yours' truly,
Stefaan Lescouhier
Managing Director Probitis

Key Solutions

Outsource your Operational Documentation
Increasing the quality and consistency of your operational documentation will increase your operational efficiency.

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Optimize your Technology Purchases
Buying technology is a real challenge. With the current technology changing so fast, it is a matter asking the right questions to market, writing requests for proposals, align them with your strategy, and ensuring you are in the best possible negotiation position.

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Fast, neutral advice and coaching to jumpstart the projects you want to manage internally.

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