Service Management

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Project Management

Are you aware that operations
is one of your customers ?

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Are you aware that operations is also your customer ?

The aim of a project is to delivery business value. There is no doubt about that. The business is your customer. He pays for the services you will build. The business takes the lead. On the other hand, the project is a temporary structure.

The role of the data center, is maintain the systems the projects have developed, probably for years to come. As a matter of fact (and often in the operations department it is seen like that), they are stuck with your system for the coming years , while the project staff goes to the next state of the art technology project.

The focus of the operations department is to handle as much transaction volume as cheap as possible. Every exception they have to manage is paid in cash, even if it's not always visible. Be aware of that as a project manager, and you will have only friends in the operations department.

Standardization is the friend of the operations department. If it's infrastructure architecture, the software components, the way monitoring is implemented, how a database is implemented, how security is implemented, standardization is the key to a good running services center. On the other hand, the project organization may expect predictability from the operations department. Fixed agreements on the delivery of material, service, implementation of standard components, ensures that projects can deliver on time and on budget. While the project office focuses on getting your processes under control, the service office will govern service standardization.
Integration of the project organization in the service methodology, is key to increasing time to market.

How can Probitis help ?

  • We deliver an integrated project-and service management methodology, to strive for processes to be effective, rather than efficient.
  • We manage your operational documentation as a service, supported by own developed tooling.
  • Want to know more ? Get in contact with us. Find out about our time to market toolkit.
Key Solutions

Outsource your Operational Documentation
Increasing the quality and consistency of your operational documentation will increase your operational efficiency.

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Optimize your Technology Purchases
Buying technology is a real challenge. With the current technology changing so fast, it is a matter asking the right questions to market, writing requests for proposals, align them with your strategy, and ensuring you are in the best possible negotiation position.

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Fast, neutral advice and coaching to jumpstart the projects you want to manage internally.

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