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Effectiveness versus Efficiency

ITIL and service Management is pure overhead. It's an administrative burden, that is only useful to generate KPi's.That's what we often hear.Processes and procedures are put in place, which increases the visibility and control of the organization, but does it contribute to the day 2 day work being done ? ITIL as we know it asks the question about the process to manage incidents changes, configuration items, , and yes of course, we believe these are relevant questions, but they are not the only questions.
What ITIL doesn't answer is, is how we can we implement incident management, change management, so that we can solve incidents faster, close changes faster, . Methodology is focused on efficiency (is the process functioning correctly, can it be repeated), and less on effectiveness (does the process achieve its goals better).
Probitis implements "effectiveness based governance" rather than efficiency based governance.

Some examples

Standardization makes Change & Release Management faster.

ITIL focuses on the process of change management. Change initiation/ change approval / change implementation/Post implementation review. The real question is, how can we do changes faster, better and therefore more effective. A better integration between project and change management is necessary. This happens through standardization of change types, through standardization of service levels, standardization of architectural components, to ensure that when a change is requested by the project, the service organization can answer in a predictable, standard way.
When Service and solution Standardization is be brought to a governance level, change & release management will benefit.

Technology to make Configuration Management reliable.

Configuration Management is about provisioning and storing information about configuration items to other processes. 60% of the information needed in a CMDB is available through monitoring, 40% is manual data (i.e. 2nd line support, 3rd level support).
Configuration Management is about collecting information from the real source and enriching it with what you really need.

Consistent and Reliable Operational documentation to support your data center processes.

The data center performs day to day activities such as first line support, 2nd line support, escalating to 3rd line support, but also monitoring, job scheduling, patch management, change & release management. Consistent operational documentation makes your data center processes reliable in terms of response, communication to the business, ...
During the handover to production, operational procedures/production handbooks are made. ITIL sees it as part of configuration management, but without a seperate process to manage it, operational documentation tends to be out of date, the day it is delivered. Different projects tend to deliver operational documentation with inconsistent levels of detail.
Consistent and up to date operational documentation is essential to perform essential data center activities : incident management, problem management, 2nd line support, job scheduling, patch and change management.

How can Probitis help ?

  • We deliver an integrated project-and service management methodology, to strive for processes to be effective, rather than efficient.
  • We manage your operational documentation as a service, supported by own developed tooling.
  • Want to know more ? Get in contact with us. Find out about our time to market toolkit.
Key Solutions

Outsource your Operational Documentation
Increasing the quality and consistency of your operational documentation will increase your operational efficiency.

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Optimize your Technology Purchases
Buying technology is a real challenge. With the current technology changing so fast, it is a matter asking the right questions to market, writing requests for proposals, align them with your strategy, and ensuring you are in the best possible negotiation position.

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Fast, neutral advice and coaching to jumpstart the projects you want to manage internally.

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