Service Management

Are we the first company that
implements ITIL for
the people doing the job ?

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Project Management

Are you aware that operations
is one of your customers ?

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Want to work for
the largest companies,
without feeling like a number ?

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We offer a range of solutions. These solutions are based on our methodology, which is a combination of PRINCE-2 and ITIL, completed with our own research and development. Our methodology contains ready to use roadmaps, documents, procedures, planning, etc. Those solutions can be used as such, or be adapted to cater the situation in your company. Contact us for more details.

The art of writing Request for Proposals.

Do you find it hard to purchase ICT Technology ? You are not the only one. All vendors cry for your attention. Can you make the distinction between a real argument and a marketing trick ? Is the technology proposed already mature, or will he try to debug his solution at your expense ? You have decided to invest, and want to have a reliable partner at the best price. How do you approach the market? What exactly do you ask. With the experience of the market, many years of buying experience, we write your request for proposals (government and non-government). We identify and describe your needs in detail, leaving no room for interpretation. Let us write your request for proposals:
  • Probitis defines the ICT buying strategy
  • Probitis collects and documents the information needed to give to the seller candidates
  • Our architects closely follow technology evolution in various domains
  • Probitis writes the request for proposals
  • Probitis evaluates and negotiate the received proposals
  • We follow up the execution of the implementation.
We give you competitive advantage in your buying process.

Optimizing handover from Project to Service

While projects want to transfer the deliverables to the operational environment as fast as possible, the service organisation wants to have as much standardisation as possible. The handover can be a real nightmare both from a technical point of view and a process point of view Service Transition in ITIL V3 is a starting point, but doesn't give the answers in sufficient level of detail. We deliver existing working and detailed handover processes, that fit in with an overall governance approach. This is what we call our time to market toolkit.

  • Align request processes between the project and service organisations
  • Implement a strategy for operational documentation
  • Integrate your handover processes in your project management methodology
  • Publish your methodology in a CMS (Drupal or Sharepoint)

Outsourcing your production handbooks and operational documentation

It is not evident to build a configuration database and production handbooks, and it is even less evident to keep it up to date. Technical people just don't like to document. However with good operational and consistent documentation with the right level of detail (not too much, not too little), your operational processes will run far more efficient : Incident management, problem management, responding to monitoring events deliver results in a more consistent and predictable way when operational documentation is well established. They all heavily depend on the quality of your operational documentation.
Probitis develops the strategy to implement operational documentation and manages your operational documentation for you.
Key Solutions

Outsource your Operational Documentation
Increasing the quality and consistency of your operational documentation will increase your operational efficiency.

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Optimize your Technology Purchases
Buying technology is a real challenge. With the current technology changing so fast, it is a matter asking the right questions to market, writing requests for proposals, align them with your strategy, and ensuring you are in the best possible negotiation position.

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Fast, neutral advice and coaching to jumpstart the projects you want to manage internally.

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